How to choose a duffel bag

How to choose a Duffel Bag – Easy Guide [August 2021]

You might be thinking of buying the duffel bags, but wondering how to choose a duffel bag? then your confusion will be cleared after reading this article.

The Duffel bags are famous for their packability, versatility, and overall simplicity. Duffel bags are much more than it is supposed to be.

It’s easy to lose in so many types of bags, but when it comes to duffel choice, then maybe you just need to figure out some little things about it, which I am going to discuss.How to choose a Duffel Bag You always need to carry a considerable load when going hiking or camping. For making your trip easy and comfortable, you may need to go with the Duffel Bags, which is a better choice to take on.

Well, from different sizes and variant styles, choosing a suitable backpack for you can be challenging. I assure you after reading this article completely, it will be easy for you to make a decision.

How to choose a Duffel bag?

Duffel Bags have so many advantages as it can be tossed under the plane seat or into the back of the jeep. It is easy to carry on because the weight distribution idea for these bags is amazing.

I am going to help you to decide on a bag that will be best for your situation. When it comes to choosing a duffel bag like, how to choose duffel bags?

You have to check its features and stuff which is made of along with its holding capacity.

Let’s explore more about Duffel Bags.

Material & Durability

The durability of a duffel bag depends on various factors, including material. The material should be good as your duffel bag can have a tough time outside.

When it is used for air travel, then you know that it’s going to toss hard by the luggage crew. It can only stay in good condition if the stuff is of good quality.How to choose a duffel bag

Mostly duffel bags are used roughly. So you want to make sure that Duffel bags should have long durability.

Mostly Duffels are made of ballistic nylon and TPE Fabric Laminate. Polyurethane fabrics are also available whereas the Ballistic nylon is water-resistant.

Duffel bag comes in almost 5 to 6 fabrics, or sometimes it is made with a combination of 2 or more. Some of the Fabrics are listed below:

  • Nylon
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Cordura
  • Canvas
  • Leather
  • Duffel Fabric

Duffel bags have high-quality stitching on the handlebars, which ensures that it will stay longer in your hands in the coming years.

Weight and Size

Duffel bags have many sizes available, depending on what suits a person perfectly. The range of Duffel Bag size is from 6L to 140L +. Of course, you will not go with 6L if you are going for three weeks trip abroad.

The 6L bag, I call it a “lunch box duffel bag.” You also don’t need a 140L+ bag unless you have big plans.How to choose a duffel bag

What is a size duffel bag considered a carry-on? Generally, if we go out, we prefer 30L to 45L, but if we have a lot of gear to hold, then 50L to 55L is enough.

Keep in mind that for regular use while having a domestic flight in the US, 45L is more than enough, but still, I must say, it depends on the nature of the trip.

If you are going on a trip that has a hassle between terrain and different occasions, Wheeled Duffel bags are more convenient for you.

You may have to consider the straps of the bag or Zipper quality as well. Traditional Duffel without Wheels is lighter and easier to carry.

As far as weight is concerned, I prefer the duffel bag, which is light but cannot easily compromise durability.

The duffel has a little disadvantage: duffel bags with fewer items can make it difficult to carry because it does not distribute the weight well, as backpacks do.

If you are wondering, what is the standard size of a duffel bag? Well, the average rolling duffel backpack is a range between 22″ to 30″. It’s has a functional space for your personal belongings to carry.

Ease of Transport

You may have the best duffel bag, but when it does not meet your travel needs, it may cause trouble for you.

Duffel bag comes in different variants like holding by a handle, having double straps to carry on your shoulders, or sometimes wearing it like a backpack.

It will be a lot easier if you understand the nature of your trip before deciding the duffel’s variant.How to choose a duffel bag Duffel bags give your things excellent protection while moving around. If it is water-resistant, then a rainy day will be blessed and lucky for you because you can enjoy it without any tension.

Duffel bags with shoulder straps can also be easy for you to carry while traveling to various destinations. Your hands will be free to move in this way.

While wheeled duffels are more massive than the traditional duffel bags, but also do have a prominent place in travel.

These bags consist of many compartments to store items in it. It makes packing items much more comfortable and safe.

How to store duffle bags

The small items like Jewelry, Watches or passports, etc. can be placed in the extra small pockets of Duffel bags.

The external pockets in the Duffel bags can be used to store some stuff like Water bottles, Power bank chargers, Magazines, or Tablets. How to choose a duffel bag You have to make sure that you are not making stuff easily accessible to potential pickpockets. Some duffel bags are made of leather or Water-resistant material.

Also, some bags are smell-proof means to put whatever fragrant items you want, the duffle bag will take care of your items conspicuously.

Duffel bag Features

When we compare the Duffel Bag with other backpacks, we can find a lot of special features. Here are some of the features to look for.


You are pretty familiar with these kinds of bags. These Bags can’t be ignored if we are talking about travel.

Duffel Bag with a wheel feature makes it a perfect combination for every user who is interested in quality, level of ease, and comfort.

It still comes in various variants like two-wheel and four wheels.

Carry on Size

Duffel bags are useful for carrying on because of different size’s availability. The Airlines enforce a standard small size for carrying on.

It is the best choice for carrying on when you need more capacity. Every Airline has a different Carry on size, so don’t forget to check it out before heading out.

Laptop Compartment

If you have a Laptop with you, bags always have a special compartment for a laptop to hold. These bags are pretty much safe to secure tech gears as well.


Duffels are easily packable bags that can be frequently packed and unpacked within a short time.

It’s a unique feature because of its large main compartment, which has a large zipper on it.

Some Additional Features

These are the winning features that only pertains to duffel bags but some additional features included in it, such as:

Duffel vs. Suitcase

Are duffel bags better than suitcases? To answer their query, I’ll talk about some general tips to compare both of these. Every bag has its advantages as the case of the suitcase.


If you are traveling locally by taking a bus or train, then Duffel bags are useful in that case because of its easy carrying option.

Duffel Bags are easy to move and comfortable because it can be tossed under the bus seat quite easily. But if you are driving in your car, then the suitcase will do your job as well.


The situation of an itinerary is quite the same as transportation. If you move a lot by changing different locations & destinations, then Wheeled Duffel bags will do best for you.

But again, suitcases and Duffel bags are the unique choices a person can have personally.


For a smooth surface, Suitcases are good to go. For dirt, cobblestone, up and down moving in the buildings, carrying bags on stairs, duffel wins the race.

Personal Considerations

Duffel bags are not the best for people who have back pain, tense muscle, or spinal injury. But of course, wheeled Duffel bags will be a good option for them.

What is your Budget?

How to choose a duffel bag

It depends on you, how much you want to spend on it. More expensive means it’s going to last for a more extended period. Cheap bags don’t come with much good material and durability.

One time investment in Duffel bags will prevent you from buying another bag within one year or less.

High Price always cannot be for quality but brand name or style. I believe every person has its own choice to make. Some like stylish and some prefer quality over it.

At that moment, our Backpack reviews play an essential role, which tells you the real worth of bags.

Quick thoughts

Before you choose the best duffel bag, you have to make some considerations for it, which I’ve described above. Here are some of the questions (Quick thoughts) you can ask yourself to be more specific to your choice.

  • How much space do you need to put the stuff?
  • Do you need a large duffel bag to put extra gear in it or its not necessary?
  • How much weight you can carry?
  • Does it fit your body type?
  • How much you have to travel? Total Walking distance?
  • Do you want your Duffel bags as a carry-on? If so, then it needs to be sized according to the transport rules appropriately.
  • Most Importantly, what is your Budget to buy a duffel bag?

Conclusion – (How to choose a duffel bag)

Well, now it’s the right time for you to choose the good duffel bag for you. It’s quite easy to be lost in a world of duffel bags.

Keep in mind that every duffel bag is not suitable for you. You have to give it a thought and ask questions to yourself that what your need is. But if you have read all the factors listed above, I am sure it will be easy for you to make the right choice.

In my personal view, Casual Travelers will find more interest in duffel bags because they are less likely to stuff their Bags to the Maximum Limit. So carrying a Duffel bag with them won’t be much pain.

Casual travelers tend to travel having a short itinerary, so ending up with short tours duffel bags are the best choice for them.

I hope you are ready to make your best choice as I tried to make it as clear as possible. Thanks for staying with us throughout the article.

I hope now you will find the best one for you. Happy Duffle ;).


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