What are Jansport backpacks made of

What are Jansport Backpacks Made of? – Complete Easy Guide (2021 Updated)

There are many kinds of backpacks that became popular all over the world. However, when people buy a backpack, their priority is always to go for a quality bag. We will tell you, What are Jansport backpacks made of? Stay tuned.

The backpacks are only useful when you have to handle the load on your back but the debate comes on design and style of backpack.

While you are buying a backpack, it is important to understand which material is being used to make that backpack.

For this purpose, you must know about the different types of backpack materials, and it will help you to choose the top-rated backpack which can remain durable for a long time.

That is why we should pay attention to the quality of the backpack before finalizing the one from the rest of the types.

What are Jansport backpacks made of

It’s common in our nature whenever we give priority to quality over something along with that if we select it by our core-hearted desire then these kinds of things always make a permanent place in our life.

According to the study, the use of the backpacks trend is getting a massive rise in the US daily.

The Backpacks have different qualities, and it is hard to choose one best out of it. One such bag which has made a brand for itself is Jansport.

A lot of people are curious to know about the Jansport material and where these quality backpacks are made, so today I’ll try to answer some questions about Jansport backpacks, what are Jansport backpacks made of? And what fabric they use to give the best quality backpack to its customers?

About Jansport Company

Whenever we look at different backpack manufacturers, we often observed one trendy name that is Jansport backpacks.

There are so many brands of backpacks in the market, but one of them is Jansport who made a higher level in the market by providing the best quality backpacks.

Primarily the Jansport backpacks provided in the market include College backpacks, Travel backpacks, Office backpacks, etc.

Well, it’s an exciting story about Murray, who won a prestigious award for making design with the cooperation of Alcoa Company, for producing the first elastic aluminum backpack framework.

Then afterward, Murray requested his girlfriend named Jan to prepare a blueprint of the aluminum framework.

Murray promised Jan that if she succeeds in making it, he will name the company after her name.

Then he took the award and established a Jansport backpack company, which is still ruling over the world of backpacks.

As of now, the bag’s business is spread worldwide, but Jansport is still a famous backpack manufacturing company.

The world’s first convertible traveling backpack was introduced by Jansport backpack firm in 1975.

Jansport has a lot of variety and offers its customers the best quality of the backpack. Now it’s easy to access any type of bag you want because Jansport is providing backpacks in almost every category.

What Material are Jansport Backpacks made of?

The design of Jansport backpacks is always aesthetic. A Jansport backpack comes with the important design necessities like:

 1.  Straps to hold luggage on your back
 2.  Zipper for the security of compartments
 3.   Buttons
 4.   Velcro
 5.  Locks for additional protection
What are Jansport backpacks made of

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Following are the different types of materials which are being used in the manufacturing of backpacks:

 1.  Denier Corduroy
 2.  Nylon buckles
 3.  Suede Leather
 4.  Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate

These were some of the materials that are being used to make backpacks. The manufacturers always try their best in making unique style backpacks to meet the latest trends along with adding advanced features and protection.

In every backpack, various types of materials are used for making different parts of the backpack. So, we came to know one thing that a single material is not used to make a backpack.

It’s always been a combination of different materials to make the best durable backpack. That is when you are buying the pack, the material content is listed with it for telling you about every minor detail of the backpack’s quality and durability.

Here is the tip for you that,

“whenever you are going to buy a backpack while checking the material, you should also check the size so that you can choose the best combination in terms of quality of material, durability, and size. Because selecting the right backpack will give you comfort with longer durability.”

The Jansport is famous mainly due to its genuine quality fabric. It has introduced a new fabric named CORDURA in the manufacturing of their backpacks and launched in the market. Now, most of the Jansport backpacks are made up of this fabric.

What are Jansport backpacks made of
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The worth of Jansport’s backpacks has improved due to the type of high-quality fabric and longer durability whereas the functionality is considered as top-notch.

These qualities have made the Jansport’s backpacks the most influential products launched by this brand in the market.

By using high-quality fabric, the Jansport backpacks provide the following benefits to the users,

  • It can’t get ripped easily
  • Difficult to scratch it
  • It is Harmless

The high-quality material makes Jansport a perfect brand of backpacks, which is very hard to compete. Along with the CORUDA cloth, the next most used material is leather which is excessively being used to manufacture Leather backpacks.

Jansport backpacks do not manufacture many leather backpacks as the company got expertise in other materials.

Most of you must have a question in your mind that, why, not the leather backpacks? So, in my opinion, very few people buy leather backpacks because although the Leather backpacks have longer durability but these backpacks are more expensive and less stylish as compared to the other types of backpacks.

In this modern age where fashion is the biggest obsession, most people prefer to use stylish bags along with longer durability but are not interested in leather backpacks due to fewer designs and cost factors.

These are mostly used by professionals, as they have business meetings to attend such type of leather backpacks or leather briefcases are best for them due to its durability and classic look. Also, other packs are pretty affordable than leather bags.

Most of the Jansport backpacks have a zipper and due to this, it is highly demanded by the customers.

It is pretty much safe while traveling.  I will discuss the details of other materials being used in the Jansport backpacks in the section below.

Jansport Material

I have already discussed some of the material and fabrics that are frequently being used in the manufacturing of Jansport backpacks. Following is the list of some other materials used in Jansport backpacks:

  • Denier Corduroy
  • Nylon buckles
  • Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Suede Leather

Every material has a different reason to use because the complete Jansport backpack is not made from a single material. Due to this, the Jansport backpacks are considered more durable.

Whenever we speak specifically about Jansport, one thing is for sure that the material will be undoubtedly the best.

Where are Jansport Backpacks made of?

I have searched a lot on this and came to know that till 1990 these backpacks were made in the United States only. But now the company didn’t state anywhere that they are still working in the United States.

From this, you can guess that these backpacks are made in other countries, and more chances are that they have shifted in China or Canada.

What are Jansport backpacks made of

While buying a backpack, you must check the backpack size, which should fit your body because it also has a significant impact on your body shape while carrying a heavy load.

However, Jansport manufacturers have maintained the same quality. If you ever bought Jansport before and after 1990, you will probably experience that the fabric quality is the same. In fact, much better now.

Size of Jansport Backpack

In this section, I will try to answer why you should look at the size of a backpack first? Whenever a person buys a bag, he looks for its capacity.

If the ability of a pack is enough for meeting a person’s needs, then he is likely to buy that backpack. The same goes for the Jansport backpack.

What are Jansport backpacks made of

The Jansport backpacks are also available in different sizes. Every backpack size is mentioned in the list where material and other precautionary details are given.

Choosing a backpack of the right size will give comfort and ease while carrying it on your back.

What is so good about Jansport Backpack Material?

Most of you who used the Jansport backpack will agree on my opinions about the quality, durability, and comfort level of Jansport Backpack. I used a Jansport hiking backpack and loved the quality level.

The Jansport company always makes sure to provide Top-notch quality in addition to meet the latest trends. That is why the company still Rank no 1 in providing backpacks with the latest styles and durability.

What are Jansport backpacks made of

They have a lifetime warranty and, what else a person can wish for?  So shortly, I must say they are doing their best to make our lives comfortable.

In every perspective, they’ve built a perfect brand by providing the best quality backpacks and added all the essential features according to the customers’ needs. Some of which are:

  Availability of all sizes
  Water-resistant material
  Padded straps
  Convertible Backpacks
  Lockable Zippers
  Largest Side Pockets

After reading this section, you should not hesitate to buy this kind of backpack. I am sure this will turn into the best decision you ever made.

Jansport Backpacks have a Lifetime Warranty?

Well, the short answer is YES. From this, we can conclude that how much Jansport care for their customers.

Jansport backpack includes a lifetime warranty that means they have a strong belief in the uneatable quality of bags.

What are Jansport backpacks made of

In case of any damage or ripped, they will serve you in all possible means. This is the best practice that is being followed by Jansport manufacturers for providing the best quality Backpacks.

So whenever you are buying Jansport Backpack just keep one thing in your mind that there will be no compromise in the quality.

How to Pack a Jansport Backpack?


Firstly place the lightest item at the bottom. The Sleeping Bags, Down Jackets or tents, always have great space in the bottom. You can put clothes on the bottom because you don’t need them in the day.


The next step is to put your bulky items and pack your bag with food or cooking gear etc.


Then you need to insert those items which you need to access quickly. If you have a Lunch box, then it should be placed on the top.

The Backpack lids are handy to put items that need to be accessed quickly. And then you can close your bag.

Final step

At last, after you packed your backpack, use your compression straps to fit on your body, and tighten it.

You want to pack everything in your backpack. You will feel more secure and comfortable this way.

Conclusion – What are Jansport backpacks made of?

There is no doubt that Jansport backpacks are ideal to fit any person out there. It is suitable for every profession and outdoor activities as well.

As I already told you that I am personally using a Jansport backpack. Being a rough user, it’s still in perfect condition.

There are some factors you need to consider before buying. Check the Jansport Backpack material list and size. Other factors, like color and design, all these vary from person to person.

If you didn’t experience Jansport Backpack yet, I recommend you give it a try. I am sure you won’t regret it.

I have tried to explain all the factors which matter a lot when it comes to buying a Jansport backpack.

I must say that along with products, and their customer service is outstanding with a quick response. Besides their Big-name as a brand, they will still serve you like they are new in the market. That is the best thing I’ve experienced with this company.

You can also check out the other best backpacks on our site that will help you to decide best among the rest.

Thank you for staying with us throughout this article.

Don’t forget to share your views and experiences about Jansport backpacks in the comment box because definitely this is for you guys.


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