Nowadays, the backpack has become an essential need for everyday life routine. People can’t go outside without carrying a bag and use the backpack in daily life also to carry their delicate and important things with them. We will see in today’s article about the person who invented the backpack and made our life easy with his great invention of backpacks.

Backpacks played a vital role in every field, whether it’s related to academic or outdoor activity, in the form of student’s backpacks, Travel Backpacks, Business Backpacks, and many others.

I have seen many people are curious to know about backpacks, like from where this idea came? Who invented the backpack? How it became so popular? I’ve already discussed when was a backpack invented? in the other article and now I am going to talk more about the invention of backpacks and the person who invented the backpack.

Introduction – Who Invented the backpack?

First of all, we have to understand, from where the word “Backpack” is originated. It is originated firstly in the US. According to the definition, “a backpack is a Bag used to carry things around and it has one or sometimes two big straps which go over shoulders to distribute weight on your back.”

After the introduction of the term backpack, it has gone through many advancements and became so popular.

Now, it comes with different designs to meet the requirements of people with different mindsets. That is why we call it a Modern backpack.

Who invented the backpack

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Who invented the backpack?

Well, before we talk about who invented the backpack? I have already discussed the invention of the backpacks in my other article, but now I will discuss about the person who got the idea for the invention of backpacks and how it gets advanced throughout time.

Who invented the backpack

So, officially Kelty is the man who invented the backpack in 1952. The backpack has different names to remember, such as knapsack, packsack, or rucksack.

Before the invention of backpacks, it was difficult to carry a heavy load from one place to another. But all thanks to Kelty, whose idea saved us, and now it is a lot easier to carry heavy stuff from one place to another. Backpacks are more prevalent in outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, etc.

Kelty firstly developed an aluminum frame backpack, and his idea encouraged others to come forward and explore more.

Kelty himself loved to hike and explore many places, but at the time, the best backpack available was only military rucksacks, which were not the best option to carry things around. It was much bulky and uncomfortable.

The idea of the invention of backpacks is a story of Kelty, who went on hiking with his friends in the Sierra Nevada. One of his friends put wooden strips into his pockets, which helped him to distribute some of the weight on his hips.

It was an innovative idea for him because he could stand up and move more comfortably. When they came back from hiking, Kelty started to make a backpack in his kitchen with nylon, and aluminum tubing.

He also added shoulder and waist straps to distribute much of the weight to the hips.

Kelty got more interested in this idea and decided to work more. He borrowed a $500 loan against his house, which was quite enough at that time, and started working in his garage.

He used aluminum frames and stitched with nylon to make comfortable and lightweight backpacks. A single bag was later sold at $24/piece.

Later in 1972, he sold his company Kelty Pack to the Boston-based CML Group and became a chairman of that company.

Afterward, the backpack has gone through many different processes, and that is how the invention of backpacks came out with different designs and styles which later called fashion bags, Carry-on bags, etc.

Importance of Backpacks in Daily Life – (Invention of backpacks)

Whenever we recall the backpacks’ design in the past, those were not more than a simple sack, which isn’t the situation now. From the beginning, rucksacks were utilized to transfer numerous things from one spot to another.

In early times, backpacks were not considered essential as today. Backpacks have experienced many changes throughout the evolution period by means of fit as a fiddle and quality too. The innovators were continually attempting to make it more comfortable as they could make.

Each knapsack has different uses, like shopping, traveling, school, and so forth. Consequently, you can perceive how much a backpack has become a need of everyone by means of its uses.

These were the reasons for knapsacks, which led to the innovation of more prominent helping bags.

Nowadays, Backpacks are essential in the field of education. It has become a necessary need for every student as well. The college and university students can feel so comfortable when they carry a college backpack with them.

The backpack has different types to serve the different choices of people. It is popular in sports as well. Let me make the long story short, the Invention of backpacks have made our life simple easy.

Amazing Facts about the Invention of Backpacks

Let’s talk about some interesting facts about backpacks. I am going to list 10 general facts about backpacks that you might like.

  1. Before the word backpack, it was used to call knapsack or packsack. Later word “backpack” originated in 1910.
  2. Kelty invented a backpack for a hiking trip, and it became popular in every field now.
  3. Modern backpacks are much easier to carry because of their latest designs and comfort material.
  4. The Light objects should be held at the bottom of the backpack.
  5. Recommendation for children to carry not more than 15% than of their total body weight.
  6. When packing your back, make sure to put heavy items close to your end or in the middle to distribute weight well.
  7. Two padded strap Backpack is better than one strap bag because it reduces strain.
  8. Some backpacks are even 3 feet or maybe taller.
  9. Backpacks are better than briefcases or purses.
  10. More than 40 million children buy backpacks every year for their school or sports.


I have explained the story about Kelty, how he interestingly invented the backpack, which is serving the people in the best way. Bags were developed many years ago, but still not reached a final destination.

The backpack makers are trying their best to improve the quality of backpacks so people can feel more comfortable. Every kind of pack is available for fulfilling the different needs of people, so they can choose one best backpack out of thousands.

The bags are the major component of the fashion industry. It not only completes your attire but also gives you comfort and quality at a time.