Do you want a brief description of when were backpacks invented?  You are reading the right article because I am going to describe the purpose of use and the modern era of backpacks that how it’s being involved in everyday life routine and became the most essential part of our daily life.

When were Backpacks Invented?

The term backpack is a new name of a rucksack, book sack, or knapsack. A simple definition of the backpack is a cloth sack carrying behind a person’s back and holding it with two straps that go over the shoulders.we will tell you today what is the story of the backpack and when were backpacks invented. Let’s start by knowing its history first.

From history, we know that the first-ever backpack was named rucksack at that time and it was invented in 3300BC. Initially, it was called a rucksack but later on, it was renamed as a backpack.

In earlier times, the idea of inventing the backpacks was for fulfilling the Military requirements only but with the passage of time, the backpacks became the need of everyone either military-man or civilian.

Who invented the backpack

It’s a story about Otzi in 3000BC, the iceman who was traveling through Italy. Unfortunately, he was killed during his journey. But the interesting thing which happened that his remains and belongings were taken care of in the glaciers.

After some centuries later in September 1991, some German hikers stumbled upon his remains at Otztal Alps. After finding his traveling gear, researches found substantial evidence that human has been carrying things on his back since 3000BC.

It has been confirmed that Backpacks were introduced a lot earlier than we thought. Its shape and style have been modified time by time and now the backpack has become the need of every person.

The modern backpack was invented in 1952 by Asher Kelty. He loved to hike, and that’s where he created the whole idea of a contemporary backpack in his mind. In one of his journeys, he gave up on a backpack that he was carrying at that time.

When were backpacks invented

He came up with this idea and invented the modern backpack. He was an aircraft engineer, and his experience helped him a lot in creating a modern backpack. From there, the modern backpack started and later transformed with many different shapes and stuff.

Origin of word “backpack”

The name “Backpack” officially appeared in prints the first time in 1910. Before this name, the word “Knapsack” was used to call a similar bag-like thing. The term “Knapsack” originated from Germany and used since 1603. This word was not describing its functions well. Eventually, from 1910 this name became very popular till the name backpack was introduced.

Kinds of Backpack

Well, now, in the modern era, when I say the word “Backpack” different categories pop out in your mind, right? Like outdoors, school or hiking, but believe me backpacks mean more than that. There have been a lot of updates in the backpack. The two generic kinds of a backpack are:

Academic Backpacks are specially made for students. While the outdoor backpacks, on the other hand, are used for any activity held outside, including fun, Traveling, Adventures, etc.

When were backpacks invented

Why the Backpacks were invented?

Before the Backpacks were invented, people had to rely on different things to transport their material from one place to another. For instance, Leather Satchels were prevalent in most of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Many shreds of evidence proved that the backpack became a necessity at that time.

When were backpacks invented

Apart from the design, backpacks were required to be more comfortable and easy to carry around. Some people needed backpacks for their daily activities as well. The different purposes for which the people use backpacks are explained in the next section.

Why we need backpacks?

When we think about backpacks in earlier days, it didn’t seem much more than a simple bag, which is not the case now.  From the start, backpacks were used to transport many items from one place to another. From older days, backpacks were not as comfortable as these are today.

When were backpacks invented

From that time, Backpacks has gone through several transformations in shape and quality as well. Innovators were always trying to make it more comfortable as they could make.

Every backpack has a different purpose, such as shopping, traveling, school, etc. Therefore you can see how much a backpack has become a need of every person today. These were just a few uses for backpacks, which led the humans to a more magnificent invention.


Backpacks were invented many years ago, but still not reached a final destination. Backpack makers are trying their best to improve the quality and design frame, so people can feel more comfortable.

It’s an intense and long story of how and when backpacks were invented. But I shortly explained about backpacks’ invention and their purposes.

But now in this century, every kind of backpack is available for fulfilling the different needs of a person, so people can choose one best backpack out of thousands.

Backpacks are also a part of the fashion and glam world. The stylish backpacks are more popular today, by keeping the standards of comfort and quality with style. But as the fashion world and designs are changing day by day, we will see more innovations in the designs of backpacks also.