Nowadays Laptops are mandatory for everyone. Laptops became an essential part of our lives. Now it is effortless to carry a notebook wherever you want. You need the know which laptop backpack is the best for you, which can help your back as well.

People only buy a laptop so that they can take with them wherever they want to go, whether it’s an office or an official tour or maybe business stuff.

Everyone has their own taste for a backpack. Some look for lightweight Backpacks and some might go for stylish Backpacks, which is more focused on women.

So I will cover all the factors and try to differentiate between different types of laptop backpacks so you can know well before buying that which laptop backpack is the best fit for your next destination.

It is tough to differentiate between the best backpacks, which makes it easy for you to use daily. In this complete guide, you will know about the types of laptop backpacks that are best to use when carrying a laptop.

Which laptop backpack is the best?

Laptop backpacks are usually popular with students, IT persons, and travelers. These bags are purposely designed to reduce the strain on the back so a person can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Before choosing the Laptop backpack, you have to look at how you use your laptop in daily life and where you go.

The selection of the wrong bag can cause neck, back, or shoulder strain. To make your day comfortable, you have to invest in a quality laptop bag.

Usually, there are 3 types of Laptop Backpacks.

  1. Daily use Backpacks
  2. Briefcase
  3. Slim Portfolios

Daily use Backpacks

The highly efficient Comfort design of these laptop backpacks makes it very popular with everyone from a high school boy to the businessman. These backpacks also have a buckle to fasten a laptop to hold in a place.

which laptop backpack is the bestThese backpacks are made to protect a laptop. Some of the advantages of these backpacks are

  • Easy to carry
  • High protection
  • Less weight on the back
  • Prevent strain on back or shoulder
  • Bags have several other compartments to hold laptop accessories as well.

Now there are more types of daily use backpacks for a laptop, which will help you to choose more specifically.

Laptop Messenger Backpack

This type of backpack never goes out of style. Laptop Messenger backpacks portray an elegant look with a unique design, and it is trendy among middle-age people and business professionals.

These messenger backpacks are also known as a side bag.

which laptop backpack is the bestThis bag comes with a big zipper compartment to hold your laptop with other chambers and also to place your documents or other accessories. That’s why it is popular in business professionals.

Also, these backpacks have other little slots available to place other items like stationery, water bottles, or lunch boxes, making it a perfect whole package.

Structurally comes with two handlebars to carry in hands.

Key Features:

  • Good Protection
  • Detachable straps
  • Design Variation (Leathers etc.)
  • More Compartments (Big Size)
  • A classy look with normal wears

Laptop Sleeve Backpacks

It is a good option for those who don’t usually move or travel. These are like Laptop Covers, which doesn’t offer straps to hang on the shoulder.

It provides less protection and no compartments as well. The only advantage of this Sleeve Backpacks is when you are work or move within a home. With less protection also there is more possibility of scratches.

which laptop backpack is the bestIf you are planning to buy this type of backpack, just make sure you check the dimensions of a bag, which can perfectly fit on a laptop; otherwise, it will be worthless to buy.

These backpacks are made of Rubber-like material not having many design variations, but yes, Different Colors can be available.

Key Features:

  • Very lean and simple
  • Light Weight
  • Low Price bags

Laptop Sling Backpacks

Laptop Sling Backpacks are best for those who travel by Bus or Metro. During Rush hours, this backpack is very beneficial if you have a risk of someone to bump against your laptop backpack.

Less weight Sling Backpack makes it easier for you to walk in rush areas.

which laptop backpack is the bestSling Backpack has one strap which goes over your chest and makes you feel lighter as it divides the weight between the back and shoulders.

Unfortunately, it does not contain more compartments as compared to other backpacks. The one big compartment for laptop placement is cover with zipping.

Key Features:

  • Less weight
  • Hands-free backpack
  • Small Size
  • Various Designs
  • Position Adjustable

Laptop Tote backpacks

These large size Tote bags are trendy and among Women’s. It has become a trend that only girls use these backpacks for many reasons.

It is mostly made of cloths or leather sometimes. These Backpacks have only one big compartment to put a laptop in it. There are no additional compartments to put any other accessories, which can be a significant drawback for Tote bags.

You have to put all the items together in one big compartment. There is a risk of scratches when you put other things along with a laptop.

which laptop backpack is the bestTote bags can be useful only for short tours. I would instead call these bags “fashionable Bags” because there are no such benefits. Other than stylish, it has less protection and heavyweight.

Key Features:

  • Beneficial for small laptop or notebook
  • Specifically for women’s
  • Different Styles


A laptop briefcase has a more professional and appealing look than other casual laptop backpacks.

These bags have many compartments to put a laptop and other belongings. The material of this bag is usually leather or Vinyl and also comes with a smart handle to carry.

which laptop backpack is the bestThe one significant advantage of a briefcase bag over other backpacks is when you travel from the airport, an X-ray machine can look through the bag quickly, unlike other packs where you have to put out your laptop for screening.

Key Features:

  • High Protection
  • Hassle-Free
  • Large Compartments

Slim Portfolio

Slim portfolio Bags are more likely Laptop Sleeve Bags. Each model of a lean portfolio is designed for specific Laptop sizes.

These bags have a large number of colors and style variations. Portfolio features are more likely the same to Sleeve bags: less protection, limited space to put extra accessories, and sometimes without zipper.

which laptop backpack is the bestThese bags are cheap but less protective. It can be useful but for short term tasks. I haven’t seen many people praising these types of backpacks unless they love stylish and care about portfolio ;).

Key Features:

  • Large Colors Variety
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive

Conclusion – (Which Laptop backpack is the best)

So, whenever you are looking to buy a backpack for a laptop so it must have high protection and safety.

I have given you a clear view and concepts between all the types of laptop backpacks, which will make it easier for you to choose, which laptop backpack is the best for you.

Everybody’s choice will be different as the taste and preference vary from person to person so. I would love to hear your views in the comment section, which backpack you prefer to be the best for a laptop.

I personally suggest the laptop backpacks can be the best fit for you if they have high durability, a more protective, and immense compartment. Your life will be easy, and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Let us know in the comments which laptop backpack you think is the best fit.