Waterproof pouches for swimming

Top 8 Waterproof Pouches for Swimming available now – Buyer’s Guide 2021

Whether you do professional water sports or just as a hobby, go to the pool regularly, or visit the beaches and water parks once in a while, this platform has brought you the much-needed water sports’ accessory. Today, we will be talking about the waterproof pouches for swimming.

Waterproof Pouches for Swimming can keep your gear safe in the water. It allows you to keep the most sensitive equipment with you while playing at the beach or pool.

You can hold essential items like a camera, phone, watch, glasses, or any other significant things in it. Now take your valuable gear in pools and water parks without any worries.

Moreover, by keeping your camera and smartphone in water, you stay in touch with your loved ones and capture the wonderful fun moments in the water.

Waterproof Pouches for Swimming

1Waterproof pouches for swimming

Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag

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2Waterproof pouches for swimming

Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set of 3

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3Waterproof pouches for swimming

DRFT Waterproof Leg Ankle Pouch

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4Waterproof pouches for swimming

Blue sky BASICS Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

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5Waterproof pouches for swimming

Piscifun Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

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6Waterproof pouches for swimming

MH Zone Waterproof Dry Bags

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7Waterproof pouches for swimming

LAQ DESiGN Perspective Waterproof Storage Bag

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8Waterproof pouches for swimming

RUNCL Waterproof Pouch

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What are the waterproof Pouches for Swimming? The trustworthy waterproof pack for swimming is always the one that keeps your gear dry throughout the time you stay in the water. If the bag resists water for the first 30 minutes, it can go longer as well.

The following waterproof swimming pouches are selected after conducting thorough research on their best performances.

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Let’s go and check the best collection of swimming bags.

List of 8 Waterproof Pouches for Swimming

1. Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag (Small Waterproof Pouches for Swimming and Scuba)

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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Acroda presents a great floating dry sack to keep your essentials safe. The floating feature of the pack gives you a stress-free experience at the beach or pool. Let’s review the pouch in detail.

Product Specifications

Capacity10L, 20L
ColorAvailable in Multiple Color Options
Product Weight8.01 Ounces
Other FeaturesFloating Bag

Product Review

Our first and foremost pick is a waterproof floating sack for your next venture on the beach. It is far sturdier than it looks. Acrodo’s swimming bag is made of tough and excellent quality materials. You will hardly face any wear and tear issues with this pack.

The floating bags for swimming and scuba are the ones that float on the surface instead of sinking. The under discussion bag is one of them. Keep the water away from your pouch, and let it float. By just keeping the little room for air in the purse, you are ready for swimming, rafting, and kayaking.

One of the exciting features of the dry bag is easy accessibility for your items. Through transparent hardware, you can locate where your gear is precisely placed.

Furthermore, the swimming pouch grants you comfortable and more than one carrying option. It contains a shoulder strap along with a handle to grab and go.

  • Floating bag with satisfactory water-resistant quality
  • Dual carrying options
  • Available in charming colors
  • A see-through bag
  • The pouch is available in two different sizes
  • Average material

2. Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set of 3 (Best Waterproof Pouches for Swimming)

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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Freegrace proudly offers durability and maximum protection at a low price. The 3 in 1 product is a top-notch and highly practical choice for the swimmers. Have a single long-lasting pouch that can suffice you to the maximum. 

Product Specifications

Material500D Tarpaulin
Capacity5L, 10L, 20L
ColorAvailable in Multiple Color Options
Other FeaturesFloating bag, dual zip-lock seal

Product Review

The Freegrace introduces a dry swimming purse along with a waist bag and a mobile pouch. What else can one desire for? All the accessories are the perfect combo of style, durability, and function.

This product features a double security system to protect your gear from being wet and damaged afterward. Now submerge your bag in water without being worried due to the dual zip-lock seal. Thanks to the brand for going one step further and presenting the 100% security for your valuable items.

For your convenience, the bag appears with 3 various sizes to meet your requirements. Besides that, the detachable shoulder strap is easy to sling over the shoulder. You can also attach it to your boat.

Have another treat with this pack. Along with the pouch, you also witness a waterproof waist bag for swimming. It can incredibly stow your glasses, wallet, and cash.

  • Full protection from water
  • 3 in 1 product
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Separate pouch for a smartphone
  • Available in different sizes
  • Excellent quality
  • No noticeable con

3. DRFT Waterproof Leg Ankle Pouch Dry Bag (Waterproof Beach Pouch)

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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DRFT’s ankle pouch keeps your gear safe from being damaged in water. A smart yet innovative choice for the folks who are into fishing, surfing, kayaking. Let’s go and see the product specifications.

Product Specifications

ColorAvailable in Black Color Only
Other FeaturesDual zipper lock, 2 fold Velcro latches

Product Review

This highly convenient dry ankle pouch is available in small, medium, and large sizes to complement your needs. If we talk about the exterior of the bag, it is crafted in long-lasting PVC.

Moreover, it features ultra-refined stitching with a neoprene sleeve to fit onto your leg. It makes it a perfect pouch for your ankle. 

Additionally, the thoughtful design of the sleeve is far more secure than the strap. Now do surfing without any worries because it fits best on the ankle. Unlike the strap, it will not fall off during thrilling and challenging water activities.

Besides that, the ankle pouch being 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, can appropriately adjust your small essentials. You can stow your passport, cash, and phone in the purse.

Best of all is its double protection system from water. It ensures maximum safety for personal items.

The bag features 2 zip locks along with 2 fold Velcro latches. This quality minimizes any chances for your gear to be in contact with water and get damaged.

  • Secure design with a sleeve
  • Highly waterproof with dual zip locks
  • Can serve in the most thrilling water activities
  • Durable material
  • Some may need a larger pouch than this

4. Blue sky BASICS Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap 2 Pack (Best Waterproof Pouches for Swimming)

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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Planning to go to the beach in the coming weekend? Never miss taking Blue Sky BASICS. Being 100% waterproof, it bestows complete peace of mind no matter what activity you perform in the water.

Product Specifications

Item Weight5 ounces
Color1 Color Option (Ocean Blue + Jet Black)
Other FeaturesFloating bag, Triple Seal Security System, Screen friendly

Product Review

Whether it is scuba, swimming, or just surfing, this pack will not dishearten you ever. A tried and tested swimming pouch that keeps your gear thoroughly dry regardless of your time in the water.

Whether you expect floating or complete submersion, this dry bag ticks all the boxes you might expect from it. With this dry bag, have double fun at the beach or pool with double security for your valuable belongings.

The sparkling feature is its affordability factor. This is not only inexpensive but comes along with a pack of two. Isn’t it incredible?

The pouches include a waist strap to keep your gear rightly fitted and secure. Moreover, it always keeps your essentials in your quick access. The straps are comfortable to put on and are adjustable.

Best of all, the triple seal protection gives you a hassle-free underwater experience.

  • The pouch is screen-friendly. Do texting or calling without taking your phone out.
  • Ultra protection through a triple seal system
  • Perfect for all water sports
  • Highly affordable
  • There might be a closing issue in a few cases

5. Piscifun Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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Piscifun proudly introduces its IPX8 certified waterproof pouch. Thanks to its overall impressive specs and waterproof feature, it saves you from ruining your fun time at theme parks or beaches.

Product Specifications

ColorAvailable in Multiple Colors
Other FeaturesFloating bag, Triple Seal lock System

Product Review

Whether you are getting ready for boating, diving, rafting, or swimming, this pouch is going to suffice you for all the next ventures. Be relaxed and enjoy your water sports to the maximum with a high quality waterproof dry bag.

This swimming pouch is crafted in premium quality PVC. It is capable of keeping your essentials secure from water.

To your surprise, the IPX8 lab has approved its waterproof performance up to 32 feet underwater for 1 hour. That means the pouch bestows top-notch water resistance during any water sports.

What’s more, the bag comes with an easy and stress-free 1 year warranty. Moreover, if we witness the strap of the bag, it is customizable. You can not only adjust it as a waist belt but a shoulder strap as well. The strap is long enough to provide you with dual carrying options.

The pack of 2 pouches contains a roomy interior to store your items. You can easily place a smartphone of any size along with an ID card, keys, and cash.

  • Triple seal protection for your items
  • IPX8 lab certified
  • Pack of 2
  • Multiple carrying options
  • Top-notch waterproof performance
  • No major negatives

6. MH Zone Waterproof Dry Bags (Set of 3 Waterproof Pouches for Swimming)

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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MH Zone offers an easy to carry the dry bag using for quick submersion. A set of 3 MH Zone dry bags include a hand pouch, waist pouch, and a pouch for your cell phone.

Product Specifications

MaterialVinyl -Polyester
ColorAvailable in Multiple Shades and Patterns
Special FeaturesQuick submersion

Product Review

With this pack, keep your goodies ultra-dry in any wet conditions. If you are tired of taking heavy and average quality dry bags on the beach, MH Zone is here to solve your problem. The highly durable yet lightweight dry bag keeps your gear safe from water, air, dust, and sand.

The bag holds a customizable shoulder strap. This strap offers comfortable carrying to bring you ease. You can either wear it as a chest bag or a shoulder bag. Likewise, the roomy dry bag can hold all your items aptly.

Furthermore, the IPX8 certified waterproof phone pouch is an additional treat. This pouch delivers full touch screen functionality. You can capture the beautiful fun moments without going inside. Also, it makes calling, texting, and web browsing a breeze for you.

What more, the bag holds a premium quality durable vinyl polyester trilaminate construction. Besides that, the pouch is easy to wipe and a lightweight choice.

  • Easy to carry a dry bag with dual carrying options
  • The set of 3 includes an IPX8 certified waterproof phone pouch
  • Full touch screen functionality
  • Delivers in any wet conditions
  • The strap could be improved

7. LAQ DESiGN Perspective Waterproof Storage Bag

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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The LAQ DESIGN presents a waterproof storage purse with a cool range of colors. Without being expensive, the bag gives you the best experience for your multiple outdoor activities. They include holiday beach, camping, swimming baths, hiking, kayaking, and many more.

Product Specifications

ColorAvailable in Various Finish Options
Special featuresFloating bag, Allows submersion
Product Weight4.94 Ounces

Product Review

The under discussion product helps you in keeping your small but significant items safe from sand and water. It even holds your belongings completely dry when submerged in water.

Best of all, the bag passes the SGS RoHS test. Enjoy a relaxing time at the beach without being worried about your smartphone, keys, or batteries.

Unlike many roll-top dry pouches, this waterproof purse holds a secure closure. The closing marks a dual closure stripe seal. This design allows complete submersion of the bag into the water without letting the droplets enter the bag. 

There is a window for user’s convenience so that they don’t require rummaging through the pouch. You can quickly locate your items through it.

If we talk about the shoulder strap, it holds the perfect sizing too. Carry it as you want while surfing and boating.

  • Window to locate your inside stuff
  • Ensures submersion
  • A dual stripe lock system
  • Long strap
  • The clasp is overly tight

8. RUNCL Waterproof Pouch (Screen Touchable Waterproof Pouches for Swimming)

Waterproof pouches for swimming

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Want to use both a chest bag and a waist bag in the next planned water sports? Here you go. RUNCL offers 2 in 1 excellent combo of both with top-notch water repellent properties.

Product Specifications

ColorAvailable in Various Finish Options
Special featuresMeet Waterproof standards and inspections.

Product Review

Bring the RUNCL’s minimalist designed pack with an appropriate storage capacity. It can assist you during every outdoor sport inside and outside the water. Moreover, these are designed wisely for all water and theme parks as well. 

The blue chest bag contains an adjustable and removable strap. It allows you to adopt various styles. However, the orange waist bag’s strap is nonremovable. If we go further and check the waterproof performance of both dry bags. It provides us satisfactory results.

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The shoulder bag meets the IPX6 criteria. That means it can endure sprays, pressure, and spills. As far as the waist bag is concerned, it is waterproof meeting IPX8 standards.

Another brilliant feature of the dry pouches is that both are screen friendly. You can keep using your phones without taking them out during any water sport. The bags can stow your valuables rightfully.

Additionally, they are made secure and grant comfortable fit for the users.

  • 2 in 1 excellent pack
  • Impressive waterproof features
  • Available in different color combinations
  • Both the bags are screen friendly
  • There could be another window at the back of the phone chamber for capturing pictures.


We have reached towards the end of our discussion. Today, you have gone through some of the top recommendations for waterproof pouches for swimming.

These are handy and keep your belongings safe. Likewise, with these pouches, you need not worry about getting your stuff wet or damaged in any way. That is why they are highly practical choices during water sports and fun time at the pool. 

Despite being different in price and form, all of the above picks deliver the maximum regarding functionality. You can buy any of the above waterproof pouches for swimming according to your circumstances. Let us know in the comment section, which is your favorite one?

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