You must be wondering how to choose a backpack for college? because when it comes to starting your college life, you might have planned many things like in which college you’re going to get admission, significant subjects, laptops books, calculators, etc.

But, most of you ignore the most important thing and that is the backpack for college, which is going to be with you until your graduation, and you have to carry it to every classroom with many books, laptops, and other accessories.

Why do College students need to wear backpacks?

Maybe it’s not in your top priority list of college life’s preparation, but trust me, you have to think about it! Because choosing the right backpack for college will keep you and your stuff organized.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose a backpack for college because it’s not just about organizing the stuff you’re going to carry but keeping you safe from the health issues caused by taking a loaded down and unbalanced bag.

How to choose a backpack for college

If this is the fresh start of your college life, then you must know that carrying the stuff in the wrong way may cause stiffness and pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.

So we will share some tips for choosing a comfortable backpack for college students.

Maybe most of you must be thinking there are only limited designs and types in the market. It’s not true because there are many different kinds of backpacks available for college students.

How to find a College backpack of the right size?

While choosing a backpack for college, you must keep this point in consideration that select a bag that fits your college attire also not just only fits your all stuff in it.

Finding the right size of a backpack for college students also depends upon their torso length.

No one wants to buy a pack that goes down the hips. The backpacks must have a waistband that is designed for distributing the weight of stuff filled inside.

If we talk about messenger backpack, it mostly comes in one size while the other types have more variety in the size range.

One more important fact is the backpacks for girls are smaller in size for accommodating the typical minor frame things that girls carry.

While as compared to girls, the backpacks for boys have larger sizes depending upon the frame of items they carry and the taller height factor.

How to choose a backpack for college

For selecting a right backpack for college, you should head towards the physical or any online store by yourself instead of depending upon others because buying a backpack for college is like buying a pair of shoes, and you must know either it fits you or not.

For a physical store, try the bags and walk, thereby carrying some stuff in it. But if you are searching it online, then check the features, size, and stuff carefully. Either online or the other stores, there will be some suggestions regarding the quantity and quality.

Essential features of backpacks for college:

Let’s discuss here some essential features that backpacks for college must have;

Compartments and Pockets:

During my college life, I never wanted to have a backpack with only a single large compartment. Most of you may agree or even disagree also.

The backpack doesn’t mean that you will only haul the stuff in it, but you need it to be organized so you can easily find the things.

Being a college student, you must have to carry a laptop, so for this purpose, look for a backpack for college laptop compartment. The size of laptop bags may vary, but you should check according to your requirement.

How to choose a backpack for colleg

Now consider the other accessories that you will be carrying regularly, like pens, notebooks, water-bottles, flash drives, etc. So for these things, there must be specific pockets for organizing separately, which will help you find the stuff on time.

The outside sider pockets must be there for keeping the water bottle or umbrella-like things. It will prevent your stuff from any damage in case of leakage.


While buying anything, you want it to be last as long as it can be. To purchase a backpack for college, you must check the stitches, straps, and handles appropriately fixed with the main bag body.

There must be a rubber surface or heavy clothing material at the end so it can save your laptop from damage in case of being dropped. It must be weather-resistant for keeping your gear dry and safe in case of exposure to rain.


Try to avoid the non-synthetic material (i.e., cotton canvas or leather). The cotton material is not water-resistant while the leather is heavy to carry, expensive, and needs extra care.

The synthetic material is the most preferred material for backpacks of college (i.e., Nylon). It’s lighter in weight and water-resistant. You can also go for the Polyester option. Although it’s cheaper, the durability is not guaranteed.


The most crucial point is the weight of a backpack for college students as you have to fill in the bag with the heavy stuff, so the pack itself must be lightweight and durable, which is easy to carry (i.e., synthetic fabrics).

Padding and straps:

Whatever backpack you will be carrying for college, it must have the broad padded back and straps, which will distribute the weight equally on both shoulders.

The straps must be easy to access and flexible. Lastly, there must be a handle on the top, which helps to carry the backpack easily.

Tech Features:

The backpack for college students with tech features is a fantastic idea, but this kind of bag may be expensive, whereas this will increase convenience with stand-alone gadgets i.e., charger.

Different Style of Backpacks for college:

A college student’s life is both busy and fun. For having some fun, the students prefer to have backpacks of their own choice.

For all the students, the good news is that there are many different styles of backpacks for college use.

How to choose a backpack for college

Backpacks for laptop:

The students who carry a laptop daily can buy this kind of backpack for college. It will be comfortable for students to carry their laptops in the special backpacks for laptops instead of adjusting the laptops in other bags.

Fashion backpacks:

The fashion-conscious people maintain the standard in their every little thing, to leave an impression. Well, for the people of such categories, the latest fashion backpacks with unique designs are the perfect choice of bags for college life.

Book backpacks:

The lightweight backpacks with a zipper and other small compartments are the best choice backpacks for girls who carry the thin frame things along with books.

These backpacks come with little embroidery, which is specific for girl’s use. It also has a compartment where girls can bring their small laptop, commonly known as notebooks.

Sling backpacks:

For the boys who love the military-style, these kinds of backpacks for college life is the perfect choice for them.  The most preferred cool backpack for college used by boys is the one in Khakhi color.

These backpacks have enough space to accommodate the books, notebooks, and other accessories, including the laptops also.

How much a good backpack for college costs?

How to choose a backpack for college

Spending money on choosing a college backpack depends upon your choice. The most basic and straightforward backpack may cost as cheaper as $20, where the excellent quality backpacks may cost up to $200 also.

If you want a backpack with high-durability, then $100 is the average price range.

It will include a full laptop compartment and other small pockets for organizing the gear you will carry throughout the college routine.

Conclusion- (How to choose a backpack for college)

Life could be more fun and comfortable if you smartly choose gadgets of daily use because it affects a lot in your life. Choose a backpack for college life is significant because it will be with you through the graduation period.

In this article, we have covered all the key points which must be kept in mind while selecting the backpack for college students.

The girls and boys can choose the backpacks of their own choices from the styles explained above.

Being a college student, what you think about the importance of a backpack for college? What are the new trends and styles in backpack designs?

Leave your comments and tell us more if you know some more about how to choose a backpack for college.